Toby was a smelly matted mess when PAWS found him on a junk-filled property in Pittsfield Township.  It was hard to know he was a poodle. His fur had matted into long dreadlocks as Toby had never been groomed nor bathed in his entire eight years of life. The mats were painful, they pulled on his skin, and were even more painful to remove. His tired eyes held no sparkle; he looked sad and worn. He had never seen a veterinarian nor had any vaccines. We found that Toby had a leg injury in need of immediate treatment, or it could possibly be lost. Pet Animal Hospital in Jamestown provided his treatment and helped save the leg.  When Toby first came to us, he did not know what treats or a soft bed were, as he had slept most nights outside in a shed on the cold hard ground. He loved the attention and all the fuss our staff made over him!  He was taken for his first-ever grooming appointment to Pampered Pets here in Warren. Their staff did an amazing job helping Toby look and feel his best. The light and sparkle came back into his eyes.  After a few weeks with PAWS, we realized what a sweet soul Toby had. He loved his new life here. He visited the Rouse home weekly and was doted on and taken for walks by our volunteers. Now, instead of the cold ground, he slept on a warm, soft bed. To our staff and volunteers, he was an inspiration. This little guy had gone through so much, but he never grumbled or complained, just kept on wagging his tail. Then, the happy ending got even better. New to our area, his now forever dad was looking for a friend. After going through our adoption process, he found that Toby was his perfect match! Toby, now named "Ralphie," travels once a week to Buffalo for doggie daycare while his dad works. After work, his dad picks him up and Toby goes to his high rise apartment via elevator... a far cry from the life he had before!