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  1. Paws Along The River Humane Society is committed to the animals that come in or are brought to us for care and protection under the laws of Pennsylvania. Situations or cases that may involve violations of the Animal Cruelty Laws can produce negative public comments. These comments do not include full facts of the situation/case, therefore, it is important to understand there is another side of the situation the Humane Society is tasked to handle, i.e. the animal’s health and welfare. All efforts to present the full facts and work with the legal owner of the animal(s) is taken. The Humane Society does not comment publicly on these cases for the benefit of the animal and in many cases the former legal owner, unless otherwise publicized through the courts. Where these animals are involved, once the case is resolved and they are ready for adoption, we hope you will join us in celebrating these pets going into their new, forever homes. Thank you for your support as we continue to help the animals of Warren County.

  2. PAWS specializes in MATCHING our pets to people and situations to create the best fit for both the family and the pet. Check out our Facebook photos and PAWS Alumni group page for all the happy forever families who have adopted. Make PAWS your first stop when looking for a new family member!

  3. Did you know Paws Along The River Humane Society is committed and dedicated to the homeless animals in Warren County and has been since 1930. Misinformation about any Humane Society is disturbing and hurtful. Please go to our website and read our policies and procedures for adoption, all the adoption stories we post and learn more about what we do and who we are. You will notice that our policies and procedures are like other Humane Societies in our area. We match and adopt pets out everyday to wonderful homes. If you are looking for a new pet, please stop by and visit and see what great pets we have waiting for adoption. Make Adoption Your Option!

  4. Did you know Paws Along The River is a state-licensed kennel in Warren County. We are inspected 4 times a year by the State Dog Warden. We follow all state requirements for housing animals. All law enforcement have access to our building to bring in strays after hours. Call 726-1961 or the 911 center at 563-3500 for any stray dogs after hours. Questions? Call us at 814-726-1961.

  5. Did you know misinformation about Paws Along The River (or any humane society) hurts the animals daily. When people don't find out the facts or misrepresent what they hear, others hesitate to:

    • bring strays who may truly need our help
    • adopt
    • donate
    • volunteer
    • educate themselves about the laws pertaining to animals
    • enjoy opportunities PAWS has available to grow with animals

    Visit our website at www.PawsAlongTheRiver.org, call us at 814-736-1961 or visit us and ask for a tour.

  6. Did you know Adoptable PAWS pets have no time limits. Today PAWS is still guided by the Asilomar Accords (2004) saving lives not pointing fingers... working together to save the lives of all healthy and adoptable companion animals. Our staff and volunteers work with our pets to keep them socialized and happy until they find their forever homes.

  7. Did you know PAWS matches pets to people and situations. PAWS adopts to people who work, families with and without children, single, married, young, seniors, and everything in between. Check out our PAWS Alumni page to see our proud adoption stories. Come see for yourself that our adoptions are easy and fun. We would love to help you find your new best friend. MATCHING IS FREE!

  8. Did you know complaints of barking dogs are addressed at the Township level for enforcement under each borough, township or city nuisance ordinance. Please call your local government for assistance on what the nuisance ordinance states. PAWS Humane Officer and all local, state and city police handle neglect of no food, water, shelter and veterinary care. Clean and sanitary living conditions is also part of the Cruelty to Animals Laws. The police and State Dog Warden answers calls of dogs running at large, dog bites, and no current licenses or rabies vaccines. Questions? Call us at 814-726-1961

  9. Have you ever seen an injured pet and wanted to do the right thing by getting help immediately? Here are some helpful tips to getting the pet the help it needs with your safety and the safety of the animal in mind. If PAWS is not available, secure the pet as best you can without putting yourself in harm’s way and then call the local police. PAWS has the equipment and experience to handle these pets safely so no one gets bit or scratched. Unfortunately, we are not available 24/7. The local law enforcement can assist with animals in need in an emergency. PAWS always has to be thinking of disease and rabies exposure. Please use caution when approaching an injured or sick pet. They can become frightened and bite when you least expect them to. Do NOT Pick them up and scare them for your safety and theirs. Secure them if possible, however your safety is the first priority. If bitten, you need to seek medical help immediately. Questions? Please call us at 814-726-1961

  10. Did you know it is easy to adopt a loving pet from PAWS! All you need to do is complete the pre-adoption form online or in person and follow our outlined procedures. PAWS has an easy process for all adoptions. If you have questions about your application or the process, just call us. We are always happy to help. A meet and greet with you and your family will be held to help you find your perfect match to a PAWS pet. After we find your perfect match, we will set up a pet visit to see what the pet is like in your home to ensure an easy transition for you and your new pet. We are with you every step of the way! PAWS matches pets to situations and people. Give a PAWS pet a home and change a life!

  11. Did you know at PAWS we offer the unique opportunity for a PET VISIT in your home before you finalize your adoption? The pet you choose after our meet and greet will be sent to your home for 12-15 days. During that time you will have the opportunity for you and your family to determine if this will be a good match. Any health or behavior issues are addressed during this time. We are there to work with you every step of the way! Remember, if the pet does not match with your situation, we have other pets we can introduce to you and your family. We also offer assistance with transport, introduction, and loan crates and condos for your visit. We receive so much wonderful feedback about our pet home visits. Questions? Call PAWS at 814-726-1961. We would love to work with you and your family!

  12. Did you know that PAWS matches pets to people and situations? We get to know our pets and temperament test all our pets to help us in our matching process. Our home visits are a time when you take a pet home for a trail period to get to know the pet in your environment before a final adoption. It helps ensure more permanent adoptions. Additionally, we have received wonderful feedback from our adopters about the ease of the home visits. Take time to experience for yourself how great it is to adopt from PAWS.

  13. Did you know that more pets go missing on the 4th of July than any other holiday? While it may be all fun and festivities for us, it could be a time of distress for your pet. Here's how to keep them safe during the celebrations:
    Keep your pets indoors or in a closed off area
    Use insect repellent made for pet use
    Keep pets away from poisonous alcoholic drinks
    Don't take your pets to fireworks displays or use fireworks around them
    Have your pet properly identified
    Keep your pets on their normal diet (No table food)
    How to keep your pets safe for the holiday... by Dr. Karen Becker

  14. Did you know you can volunteer to help Paws Along the River by completing some important jobs to help our animals. Dog walking, kitty cuddling, mowing grass, and sorting our recycling are just a few of our volunteer opportunities. Please go to our website or stop by to get a Volunteer Application. The animals here at PAWS will love to see you!

  15. Paws Along The River welcomes everyone searching for a special furry friend to complete our pre-adoption information form when interested in adopting a pet. We are proud to share that we have never refused anyone from completing our pre-adoption form. If anyone is interested in adopting, they must complete a pre-adoption form and meet with an adoption counselor. The family will be introduced to any pets they are interested in and match that with their situation. We adopt to all types of situations and families such as singles, families with and without children, families with cats or other dogs, and families from here in Warren and out of Warren. PAWS staff is experienced and trained to help you find the best new family member for you. Remember to get first hand information about our adoption process. Visit today to see our wonderful PAWS pets.

  16. Micro-chipping your kitty or puppy is the easiest and quickest way for PAWS to find and get your lost pet home.

    Cats and Dogs now can be micro-chipped to ensure they are returned safely to your home.
    Licensing your dog by 3 months of age is required by law.
    Rabies is also required for all cats and dogs 3 months and older in Pennsylvania.

    Help us find you if your furry friend gets lost!

  17. Misinformation about Paws Along The River (or any Humane Society) hurts the animals we care for. When people don't check out the facts or misrepresent what they hear, others hesitate to:


    Questions? Call us! E-mail us! Reach out!

  18. Paws Along The River Humane Society adopts to a variety of households. We frequently adopt to single families, married couples, and families with children. Additionally, we adopt to people who work and those who stay at home. We encourage applications from those who are young, old, and everything in between. Our goal is to match the pet to their perfect family and living situation. If you understand our goals, we can help you find a new best friend. PAWS offers a free in-home trial for all new adoptions, veterinary check up, all vaccines and spay and neuters are included in our adoption fees. Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to see our wonderful adoption success stories. Stop by 212 Elm Street to see all our wonderful pets or visit them here on the website!

  19. If you find a stray pet, please bring them to PAWS so the pet can be scanned for a microchip and checked for tattoos and/or tags. Pennsylvania law requires we hold stray pets for a minimum of 48 hours and every attempt is made to find and return the pet to its owner. Pets are also examined and if there are any medical needs, they are provided veterinary care. If no owner is found, we further evaluate the pet for adoption using all available information including temperament testing, medical information, etc. Keep your pet ID'd! If we have found your furry friend, help us find you! PAWS ensures pets are returned to their rightful owner by law and can educate owners about the laws and proper pet care if necessary. Keep stray pets safe and bring them to PAWS.

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