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Q: I’ve heard that it is difficult to adopt a pet from Paws, is this true?

A: We have heard that, too, however, we do not believe that it is difficult. While this process is not immediate, Paws Along the River has countless adoption success stories and has an extensive alumni with forever families that can attest that our processes work. Its important to understand that our primary goal is to find forever homes for all of our adoptable pets as opposed to temporary living situations and to prevent abandonment. Paws is unique, in that, it specializes in matching pets to people according to the pets according to potential owners specific situations.

Q: I am interested in a specific pet . Why can’t I come in and take it home?

A: In many cases there may be more than one family interested in pet. Matching a pet’s unique needs to a person or a family’s lifestyle and availability is an important dynamic in a successful adoption. For example, a dog that is not cat friendly with a high energy level is not likely to be the best fit for a family that has cats in the home.

Q: How do I know I am not adopting a problem dog or cat from the Humane Society?

A: Despite our years of experience, we don’t always know how a pet will respond to a new home. We evaluate each pet that comes into our shelter carefully by performing temperament tests. Going one step further, we offer a 12 day “take-a-pet home” for a trial at no cost. During this time, our staff is available to address all behavioral and health concerns that may arise.
Q: I called in a cruelty complaint and no one came, why?

A: Paws Along the River is a non-profit organization that offers a part-time Cruelty Officer as one of its services. Paws addresses as many complaints as possible with one part-time officer. However, the State Police, Township and City Police can and must enforce all laws in the state of Pennsylvania. If Paws Along the River is not available to take your complaint, we encourage contacting your local law enforcement agency.

Q: Why should I bring a stray to Paws? I hear you don’t help them.

A: As an Open Access Shelter, Paws Along the River provides shelter to all animals in need and provides what the laws dictate in our state. Because we are a state licensed kennel, we are mandated to follow kennel regulations. Dogs are kept at minimum of 48 hours. After this period, the dogs are quarantined for observation for 10 days before moving forward to evaluate them, This allows time to check for micro-chips, identification tags and inquire into veterinary records whenever possible. All animals are provided with food, veterinary care, shelter and proper attention. To determine adoptability, we do temperament testing. Adoptable pets stay in the shelter until they are adopted. There is no time limit. Be cautious when dealing with feral cats. They can be dangerous, however, we are experienced and able to conduct behavioral testing. Strays can starve, get hit by cars, cause accidents and hurt people. We are here to protect them and the public.
If you have questions, please ask us directly to avoid second hand information.
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