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Pets Don't Make Good Christmas Gifts

       Though we all have the warm and fuzzy storybook image in our minds of a puppy jumping out of a box from under the Christmas tree, that's not the reality. You are setting yourself and family up with a whole lot of stress, and your pet may encounter potentially fatal hazards.
  • Puppies and kittens are especially active and curious, which puts them in harm's way of all the hazardous decorations and human foods.

  • Holidays are an extremely busy time for most families. It is difficult for your new pet to get used to new people and a new home when there is so much going on.

  • Some gifts can be played with, and then put away the same day; however, a pet is not that kind of gift. A new pet will need constant adult supervision.

We urge parents to be responsible pet owners and teach their children the reality of pet ownership: in addition to an abundance of love, a pet requires a lot of work, exercise, grooming, training, patience, food, water, shelter and medical care. Remember, think first and do your research before making a 10-15 year commitment to a new pet.

Our recommendation is to wait until the holidays are over to bring a new pet into your home. You and your family can visit Paws Along the River anytime over the holidays. Consider becoming a volunteer to get first-hand knowledge about any pet you may be interested in.

For those families without children or visitors, a pet may be a great addition and comfort during the holidays. Paws Along the River staff encourages everyone to make adoption your option, instead of buying from a store or breeder. Humane Society pets are not flawed, they just got a tough break and no on wanted them.

Stop by and visit our great selection of wonderful cats and dogs. We guarantee to work with you and your family. We want the match to be the best one we can find for both the owner and the pet.

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