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    Here comes spring, and with the warmer weather, fleas and ticks. Dogs and cats can develop allergic reactions to fleas that can cause rashes and loss of fur, as well as secondary skin infections.

Fleas carry diseases such as tapeworms and Lyme's disease. Although tapeworms are not actually transmitted through flea bites, the fleas often carry tapeworm eggs. When your pet bites to relieve itching, he may ingest the parasite and become infected.

You should also keep a sharp eye on ticks. They can transmit serious diseases (such as rickettsial diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and ehrlichiosis) to dogs, and even to humans.

Don't wait! Keep your pet and home flea and tick free by taking preventive measures now. Here's how to protect your pet and your home.

  • Begin with a Game Plan! Get your veterinarian's advice now, early in season. It is easier to prevent fleas than to eliminate them from your pet (and home).
  • Prevent Fleas and Ticks! Products available from your vet provide the best protection available against fleas and ticks. Over-the-counter collars and medicines are NOT effective!
  • Protect Your Home and Yard! Remove piles of damp twigs or grass from around your home.
  • Protect Your Pet! Check pets for ticks before bringing them inside. Remove embedded ticks using fine-pointed tweezers and destroy them in a jar of isopropyl alcohol.
  • Treat Infestations Immediately! Fleas spread fast, which is why immediate treatment is necessary.

Once Infested... If you currently have infestations on your pet and in your home, it may take approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the initial application before you see complete flea eradication. You may need to treat your home again after 2 weeks.

CAUTION! Misapplication of flea and tick medications are the third highest cause of pet poisoning! Read all instructions and follow them exactly.
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