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Looking for a Pet? Before you consider the Free Ad in the Paper....

      Please Be Cautious. Ask questions, about the pet's background, health, temperament. Ask the current owner how long they have had this pet, is it good with children, dogs, cats, and people. Has it ever growled or bitten? Does it have a health problem? When did it visit the veterinarian last? Do they have their distemper shots updated and deworming records? Verify this by calling the veterinarian. What kind of home is it coming from? Responsible pet owners have a current license, proof of rabies, veterinary information on the pet. Go visit where the pet lives and talk with the owners. Is it a loving, caring home, or do they just want to get rid of a problem pet? Wait 24 hours after you look at the pet before you make a final decision. Think before you act.

License and Rabies are required by Law. Remember, if you do not have proof of these items, you are in violation of the law!

      Consider adopting from a Humane Society there are many wonderful pets at your local shelter. Take your time, do your homework before adding a pet to your home. Is it the right pet for your home? Size and temperament are important. Do they shed? At the Warren County Humane Society, our trained adoption counselors will assist and guide you and your family add that perfect pet to your home. Make adoption your option. Avoid Free Pet Ads in the Paper, Pet Stores and Puppy Mill situations. There are many wonderful pets sitting in Humane Societies waiting for you. Many Humane Societies have staff that are trained to temperament test the animals coming in. This will help avoid any health, or behavior problems with a new pet. They usually offer a low cost spay and neuter program where the pet has a veterinary exam.

       Avoid the pet stores or puppy mill rescues they call themselves. If a rescue is breeding, they are most likely a "puppy mill", breeding for money. A true rescue and Humane Society will only take the pets, that are in need of a home. They evaluate the pets, provide veterinary care and truly try to match the pets with the people looking for a new friend. There is never any breeding. Spaying and Neutering is always promoted and policy in a Humane Organization. These are truly the pets that are in need of a home. Be sure to check out our Adoptable Pets.

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