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Reclaiming a Pet

    Paws Along The River Humane Society is an Open Admission animal shelter and accepts all domestic animals in need. If you have lost your pet, please see the important information below.
Lost Pet
If you have lost a pet you should have followed PAWS lost pet protocols and filed a lost pet report with PAWS.
Shelter Procedures for Lost Pets
All stray dogs are held for 48 hours as per State Law
Pets with ID Tags on collars, microchips, or other identification are held for at least 10 days while we make every effort to contact their owner, e.g. calling phone numbers listed on any available identification or obtained through a microchip registration company
Unclaimed pets are evaluated, provided necessary veterinary care, and must pass temperament testing prior to being placed into our adoption program. Animals may not be adopted until after their stray holding period (48 hours for dogs) has expired.
To Identify and Reclaim Your Lost Pet Do The Following (Including but not limited to)
Owners must complete a Pet Claim form in person giving specific information about the pet.
Owners must provide veterinary information or records when coming to reclaim their pets. The absence of veterinary care, may require the pet to be taken to a veterinarian.
Owners must show a current photo ID card, license or other.
Dog owners must bring written proof of a dog license for Warren County or the County in which they live (PA form AD:EB-37-REV9/2018 for Lifetime License form. A tag will not be considered proof.
Dog and cat owners must bring written proof of a rabies vaccination. (NASPHV Form 51). A rabies tag does not include the expiration date or the animal description, so it cannot serve as proof of current vaccination.
Two (2) Clear photographs of your pet with you or a member of your household in the photograph.
For a printable form please click here.
Once ownership has been established, prior to your pet leaving our facility:
In order to identify and reclaim your lost pet, you must do the following, Including but not limited to:
A boarding fee of $15 per day for each pet must be paid to PAWS.
* 2nd impoundment within a year - $20 per day boarding fee for each pet paid to PAWS.
* 3rd impoundment within a year - $25 per day boarding fee for each pet paid to PAWS.
For Dogs: The State Dog Warden or the Police will be notified to file Dog Laws violation charges. Charges can carry fines from $50 - $300.
If the owner does not have a current dog license then the owner must apply for a license at PAWS and purchase the license before taking a dog home. The fee for a license is based on State requirements.
The owner must bring a copy of their rabies vaccination certificate. If the owner does not have proof of a rabies vaccination, a $25 deposit is required that will be refunded if the owner supplies proof of current rabies vaccination to the PAWS within 10 days of reclaiming the pet.
Follow-up veterinary care may be required as determined by Paws Along The River"s Humane Society Police Officer for Warren County.

Please note: PAWS is not required to return a pet to its owner until PA Law licensing and rabies vaccination are met. Paws Along The River Humane Society reserves the right to make the final determination for a person reclaiming a pet.

    Paws Along The River Humane Society is committed to returning pets to their rightful owners. Questions asked are to verify ownership. Thanking our staff for providing a safe haven for your pet is appreciated. We are responsible for the animals in our care and to ensure that pets are returned safely and receive necessary follow-up care as provided by the PA Laws.

Policy Approved and Adopted by Paws Along The River Board of Directors: February 2019
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